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“What a pleasure to be part of a gathering
that wasn't just talking about the future but bending it!
Slow Money is one of the keys to a healthy future.”

– Bill McKibben, Founder of 350.org

“One of the Top 5 Trends in Finance.”
– Entrepreneur.com

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Carlo Petrini
Carlo Petrini
Joan Gussow
Joan Gussow
Winona LaDuke
Winona LaDuke
Wes Jackson
Wes Jackson
Mary Berry
Mary Berry
Janie Hoffman
Janie Hoffman

Since our inaugural event in 2009, Slow Money’s National Gathering has emerged as a significant new venue for field building, investing, and social change. The event features dozens of food entrepreneurs who are leading the way rebuilding local food systems around the country, along with many renowned thought leaders in agriculture, investing and philanthropy.

Slow Money national gatherings have attracted thousands of people from 36 states and several foreign countries. Since mid-2010, over $25 million has flowed from Slow Money funders to more than 210 small food enterprises around the country and a few abroad. There are now 16 Slow Money chapters in the U.S. and one in France. Six investment clubs have been formed. At this gathering, the Gatheround platform was launched, creating the opportunity for small individual contributions to play a big role in the Slow Money movement.

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What People Are Saying
“Combine poisonous factory-farm tomatoes with disgraced investment banker Bernard Madoff. Throw in a stock market disaster. You get a public spooked by the dangers of industrial food production and investors wary of risky business. This may be the recipe for a Slow Money revolution.”
– David Gutnick, CBC News
From Slow Money's 2nd National Gathering

"There was a moment when I looked around the tent
at Shelburne Farms to see the wonderful old codgers who have been farming in Vermont for generations, sitting with young environmentalists and food entrepreneurs and New York investment types, all nodding in agreement. Wow. Talk about being the change we seek.
It was a profoundly hopeful moment."

– Brian Byrnes, President and CEO, The Santa Fe Community Foundation

"The gathering was life changing!"
– Paul Tryba, The Farm, Longbeach, CA

“We need Slow Money,... fast.
– Mardi Mellon, Union of Concerned Scientists

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